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 These are the 4 key capabilities leaders need to know

These are the 4 key capabilities leaders need to know

Lloyd J. Edwards Jr. famously said, “you can’t teach leadership, but it can be learned.”

Anyone can be placed in a leadership role, but to be good and thrive in that position requires solid leadership skills. 

These are the 4 key capabilities leaders need to know:

1. Relationship building 

A leader with strong, trustworthy, and authentic relationships with his or her team will be more effective as a leader and achieve greater success. A great manager needs leadership skills to build strong working relationships with his or her employees to build a cohesive and engaged team.

2. Agility and adaptability 

It is important to be accountable and assume your responsibilities, as well as lay out a plan for how you will respond to changes to develop leadership agility and adaptability. A leader who is effective must be able to adapt both internally and externally – even if that means stepping outside their comfort zone. 

A lifelong learning mentality is essential for leaders so they are not left behind by shifts in their industry, and can give their company a competitive edge. As a leader, you need to be agile and adaptable, which is easier said than done.

3. Innovation and creativity 

For every company, leadership innovation is of utmost importance. Innovative ideas are developed during the ideation phase, which becomes the foundation for innovation success.

For executives, being able to harness their leadership skills in these areas will continue to be a driving force as the demand for creativity and innovation increases.

4. Employee motivation

Keeping employee engagement high is as important as motivating your workforce in close connection with relationship building. Leadership requires the ability to continuously motivate employees, which requires leaders to be connected to their teams and attentive to what’s happening around them.

Motivated employees are more engaged, as well as more confident in what they do. Consequently, they are able to react to difficult situations and develop innovative ideas that can optimize business performance.

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